Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The New Facebook Social Inbox: A Game-Changer for Email Marketers?

With Facebook's announcement of a seamless messaging service yesterday, the world for email marketers, as they know it, may have changed.

A critical aspect of the new 'Social Inbox' that was unveiled by Facebook was the new privacy settings. There will be an option to 'bounce' all emails, texts, IMs, etc if the sender is not a Facebook friend of the recipient's. I would assume that companies you 'like' on Facebook would also be white listed to send you messages as well.

This essentially is the ultimate spam filter, but it also will block messages from email marketers that play by the spam rules as well.

Email marketing won't die because of this. It will just change. If any portion of the 500 million+ Facebook users adopt this new messaging system and privacy settings, email marketers will be relying on social media consultants to do their magic first. Getting someone to 'like' your page will become more important than ever before and one could say that legit email campaigns may be strengthened because the audience is a more receptive one.

It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out, but in the meantime, get your company Facebook page up and work on building your pool of future email recipients!