Thursday, January 6, 2011

Facebook Tip: New Schweppes App lets you manipulate your Facebook profile pics

Brands are constantly seeking ways in which they can build their Facebook following beyond their loyal customer base. Most are finding that, to attract new supporters, you need to offer something of value. Schweppes apparently has figured this out, giving us the Schweppes Profile App.

The new app lets you manipulate your profile image and all of the 'recently tagged' images that appear at the top of your profile page, below the info section. Its a simple concept, but is certainly going to gain Schweppes a great deal of social media buzz for doing it.

The process is simple, upload an image to the app, adjust it as you'd like, tag yourself in each of the images (last to first and then make the first image your profile pic) and enjoy a unique profile layout that is sure to be a conversation starter with your friends.

Definitely an app worth checking out!

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