Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Facebook to Turn Your Likes into Sponsored Ads

AdAge is reporting that Facebook is launching 'Sponsored Stories' as a new option for Advertisers. Sponsored Stories promote your individual interactions with a brand to your friends.

Your 'likes,' check-ins and wall posts are all fair game in this new advertising model. A brand with an app may even advertise to your friends the actions you took within their app. Basically, all of your interaction summaries that already get posted to your wall can now be made into a right-hand bar advertisement.

This move is sure to be controversial. Why? Because anything remotely involving privacy on Facebook becomes an International crisis. In reality, this info is already being broadcast on your wall to all of your friends. The only difference is that, gasp, now Facebook is making money off your interactions.

Sponsored Stories have some potential for brands, as anything resembling a referral on a social network usually drives traffic. I have always found decent success in Facebook advertising in the past, so I am looking forward to trying out Sponsored Stories.

Facebook should be rolling out Sponsored Stories to everyone over the next couple of weeks.

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