Thursday, February 10, 2011

Facebook Unveils New Page Layout...And It Looks Like a Personal Profile

If you have been on Facebook today, you have probably noticed that a number of pages now look like personal profiles. This is because the social media juggernaut began offering the new page layout to admins sometime this afternoon.

Currently, the change is voluntary, but in their note to admins, Facebook points out that the changes take place universally on March 1st.

The new layouts look pretty much like personal profiles now. See my company's page for an example of the new layout.

The most obvious modifications are the elimination of tabs and the addition of the row of tagged pictures at the top of the wall. See this earlier post to find out how to manipulate these images.

An additional interesting change made today is that admins now have the ability to log in as either themselves or their page and can quickly go back and forth. This was something that Facebook had been teasing for quite a while. This new feature also allows you to quickly like other pages as your company and gives you an entirely different news feed that shows updates from all of the people that 'like' your page.

What it doesn't allow you to do (and what I was most interested in) is allow you to friend people when you are logged in as your page. I had thought this may be an option in this change. This feature would have changed network building significantly.

So, what do you think about the new layout?


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