Monday, February 21, 2011

Looking for Love on Facebook? New App Notifies of Relationship Changes

Update 2/23/11:

According to TechCrunch, Breakup Notifier was shutdown by Facebook today. The app had collected 3.6 million users in the 2ish days it was active.

Original Post 2/21/11:

Love-seekers and gossipers: Do I have an app for you!

I just read about Breakup Notifier, which has the most self-explanatory name in app history, in the Huffington Post. Its an interesting use of Facebook's API.

The app is simple- Sign in to the app using your Facebook log in; Choose which friends you would like to monitor and receive an email whenever their relationship status changes.

There you have it. Good Luck?


  1. Pretty creepy, but a good idea on the developers' part.

  2. My thoughts exactly Mike. I dont think I want to meet the people that would use the app regularly.

  3. [...] days after the now infamous Breakup Notifier gained 3 million users and then was shutdown by Facebook, the New York Daily News tells us of [...]