Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is Facebook About to Give You the Ability to Recommend a Page?

recommend pagesIn the past, only Facebook page administrators have been able to recommend their page to friends. Well, that may be about to change.

According to All Facebook, the social network is testing out giving all users the ability to recommend any page to their friends.

This feature seems to be available for just a few users right now, and it is unclear if Facebook is just testing this new feature out, or beginning a staged roll-out.

For digital marketers, this could be a very useful tool for growing a fan base very quickly. The availability of friend recommendations will also make developing brand loyalists even more important. Obviously, the more a user is engaged, trusts and likes a brand, the more likely they are to share the page with their friends.

Another interesting angle would be whether or not Facebook allows friend recommendations to be a criteria for contests and promotions. As all digital marketers know, Facebook is very limiting as to what page activity can be used as a variable in a contest or promotion. If a brand could offer incentives for recommending their page, the game will have changed a bit.

Time will tell what Facebook has in mind for recommendations....stay tuned....

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