Sunday, July 31, 2011

Facebook Pages Losing Likes at a Record Pace Today?

recommend pagesUnless there is some underground mass page unliking campaign going on today, there is something screwy going on with Facebook Pages.

I noticed this morning that my company's page, which had close to 1900 likes yesterday, was down to 9 likes. It went back to the correct number a few hours later and is now back down to 9.

I haven't seen mention of this issue anywhere today, but it is Sunday, so less people are likely to be checking in on their pages today.

Anyone else noticing this Like bug? I am guessing Facebook is testing something out. It will be interesting to see what....

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I have noticed that today. usualy I get 200 to 300 likes on each post and over 50 comments that is due to the page fan's number of 46000 fans. They have made changes in both Groups, pages and geo-location algo. It is still testing but it is coming to be a very nasty one for businesses pages.

    Otherwise I gain at least 100 Page likes a day now it dropped to 50. I hope that the Likes sync every 24 hours as it was happening before back in January and Feberuary, maybe tomorrow morning I will find 200 more likes out of the sudden.
    Good luck.