Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How To: Read the Facebook Messages You Probably Don't Know You Have

Did you know about Facebook's 'other' messages folder? I didn't.

I always thought Facebook did a decent job at notifying me of incoming messages. I get a notification at the top of the website and push notifications on my phone and iPad. I thought I was always on top of things when it came to receiving and responding to messages.

Come to find out, I was on top of receiving and responding to SOME of my incoming messages, in particular, just the messages sent from friends. Apparently, I was missing a boatload of messages over the past year. I found this out while I was screwing around on Facebook last night and noticed a mysterious 'other' folder in messages. I had 97 unread messages in the folder (many of which are from blog readers- sorry!).

Upon further investigation, I found out that Facebook only notifies you of messages from friends. The 'other' folder is for messages from non-friends. You are not notified of these messages normally.

As my good deed of the day, I wanted to post how to check for these messages in case you didn't know about them. Here is where you go:

  1. On your Facebook.com homepage, click on the messages icon and then at the bottom, select 'See All Messages"

  2. On the messages page, you will notice an 'other' option below messages

  3. Click on 'other' and you will have access to the Facebook messages you never knew you had

This may be old news to some of you, who knows. I like to think that I am fairly in the know about Facebook changes and I've never heard about this one. Hopefully it helps a few of you as well!



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