Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Schweppes Helps Us Create Imagery for our Facebook Profiles...Again

You may remember that the last time Facebook dramatically changed profile layouts, beverage company Schweppes swooped in and helped us create custom imagery for our pages.

Well, they're back!

Schweppes is wasting no time and has come out with the Schweppes Profile App 2.0 to help us create cool cover images for the new timeline layout.

The app lets you manipulate a photo using a decent photo editor to create your cover and profile images. Its nothing you couldn't do in Photoshop, but a heck of a lot more convenient and a big-time time saver.

Schweppes has really made a name for themselves by providing Facebook users with very useful profile tools. Not a bad approach for a company that makes something as generic as ginger ale (no offense ginger ale drinkers).

They are creating brand awareness by exposing their name to a new generation that otherwise may not have noticed them on the grocery store shelf for relatively short dollars. Pretty smart.

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