Sunday, March 4, 2012

How To: Check-In to TV Shows on Your Facebook Timeline

A short while ago, Facebook launched a slew of new open graph apps- apps that you authorize once and then automatically publish your app activity to your Facebook timeline. Among the timeline-sharing apps was the social TV app GetGlue.

GetGlue started out as a niche social network where users would check-in to the TV show or movie they are watching, earn a fan sticker for multiple check-ins and chat with others that are watching the same show or movie. It has since become much more and boasts a number of major brand partnerships and check-in counts are regularly pointed to as a sing of a show's popularity with the viewing public.

Now you can use GetGlue to share what you are watching with your Facebook friends in realtime. Here's how:

Obviously, you first need to sign up for a GetGlue account.

Next, connect GetGlue to your Facebook account. You should be prompted to do this when you sign up, but if you don't see the prompt, you can go to: profile/settings/preferences and you will find the Facebook connect option at the bottom.

Once your Facebook account is connected, go back to the GetGlue home page. You should now see this call to action graphic at the top of the page below the tool bar:


Click on "Let's Go" and your timeline will be connected. Now the Facebook world will see what you are watching as you are watching it (you can choose not to share specific check-ins if you want). You will also be sharing any new stickers you earn with your Facebook friends.

You will know this effort was successful if you see two new GetGlue boxes in your timeline- one for recent activity and one for new stickers. This is what mine looks like:

There you have it. You are now sharing what you are watching with your Facebook friends. Enjoy!

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