Saturday, March 10, 2012

How To: Create a Facebook Interest List

Facebook recently launched a cool way to keep your subscriptions, page likes and friends better organized. The social network has created interest lists, which allows you to group celebs, pages and friends of like interests into an easy-to-follow stream.

Here is how you create one:

  1. Log in to Facebook and on your news feed, look for "add interests" at the bottom of your left side menu. If it is not there, click "more" at the bottom. Sometimes it is hidden if you haven't used the option yet.

  2. On the next screen, you can either subscribe to another person's public list, or you can click "create list" to create your own.

  3. Click "create list" and you will get a secondary window that allows you to select who or what you'd like to add to the list. Here, you have the option of selecting anyone you've subscribed to, any page you've liked and any of your friends. You can also browse the more popular people with public subscriptions that Facebook has categorized for you.

  4. Once you have selected your list members, click "next." You will now be able to name you list and select the privacy level of the list.

  5. Click "done" and your list is all set.

You can now go to the list and read all of the members' posts in one place. Of course, you can always share and manage the list by clicking on the options in the upper right portion of the screen.

Facebook also gives you suggestions on other list members, based on their similarity to other list members, who can all be easily added to the list if you so choose.

There you have it- Your own shiny new interest list. This really is a pretty good way of staying on top of topics that you are particularly interested in without having to search through all of your other friend and page posts.


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