Thursday, September 20, 2012

Facebook Advertising Case Study: How Creative Use of Sponsored Story News Feed Ads Spiked Engagement

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facebook advertisingIn yesterday’s post, I told you how to use the various Facebook advertising units creatively to increase your page and post engagement. I thought it may be good now to share a quick example of how mixing up different ad options recently led to a significant spike in page engagement for one of our clients.

The New Hampshire Driving Towards Zero (NHDTZ) initiative is a coalition of public and private entities in New Hampshire that have come together to put an end to roadway deaths in the state.

As NHDTZ’s agency of record, wedu is tasked with getting the message of education, awareness and prevention out to all of New Hampshire’s drivers. Facebook has proven a great venue for education and Facebook advertising has been a key component in raising awareness of the program and extending the reach of our critical educational posts...

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