Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Facebook Ranks Black Friday’s Top 25 Most Talked About Retailers

Facebook top black friday retailersFacebook released a boatload of data from Black Friday earlier today. Among the facts and figure was an interesting list of the top U.S.-based retailers that were "talked about" on Black Friday.

As you probably know, the "people talking about" metric Facebook uses to measure business page buzz takes into account every time a user creates a "story" (likes, comments, posts, shares, RSVPs, check-ins, tags, etc) about a page.

Here are the top 25:
  1. Walmart
  2. Toys "R" Us
  3. Macy's
  4. Amazon
  5. Converse
  6. Foot Locker
  7. Spencer's
  8. Aeropostale
  9. Target
  10. Kohl’s
  11. Coach
  12. Champs Sports
  13. Best Buy
  14. Finish Line
  15. Ace Hardware
  16. Keurig
  17. Forever 21
  18. Lowe’s Home Improvement
  19. Gap
  20. JC Penney
  21. Bed Bath & Beyond
  22. Sears
  23. QVC
  24. Build-A-Bear Workshop
  25. Disney Store
If you spent any time on Facebook this past week, most of these shouldn't be much of a surprise to you. Many of them had Facebook components  sneak peeks, special apps, coupons, offers, etc- to their Black Friday activities. Almost all of them advertised pretty heavily.

To me, this is truly a case of "you get what you put into it." Clearly, the brands that put the most time, money and creativity into their Black Friday Facebook promotions were rewarded with the most consumers talking about them. This formula rings true on a smaller scale and basically for businesses of any size.

 Do any of these retailers surprise you? Is there a retailer that did NOT make the list that surprises you? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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