Saturday, November 10, 2012

How To: Get Rid of the 2-Column Facebook Timeline Layout

One of the biggest issues I have heard Facebook users have with their timeline is the clutter that the two-column layout creates. The old one-column profile layout was less busy and much easier to follow.

Here is a quick Facebook hack that anyone can do to remove the second column and make your Facebook timeline looking a bit more like your old profile.

1) Go to Social Fixer and download their extension or plug-in that corresponds with your Internet browser of choice. Follow the installation instructions for Social Fixer.

2) Once you have Social Fixer installed, go to Facebook and you will now see a wrench in the top bar. Click on this wrench and then "Social Fixer Options."

3) Social Fixer is highly customizable and can do a bunch of fun Facebook profile tricks. Some of which will be covered in future blog posts here. Since we are focusing on removing the second column in this post, you will want to take a few minutes and uncheck all of the other options in each of the tabs.

4) Now that you have deselected all other options, goto the "Timeline" tab and check" 
     Display posts in a single column with max width  px"

5) Fill in "851" into the max width box. That is the standard pixel width of the Facebook timeline.

6) Save and close and then go to your profile where you should see your new single-column timeline.

7) You can further customize your timeline to look more like your old profile by removing your cover image, friend box and check-in box.

That's it. Enjoy your single-column timeline!

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