Sunday, April 28, 2013

What is the Best Day of the Week for a Business to Post on Facebook? (Infographic)

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In the world of social media marketing, timing is everything and Facebook marketing is no exception. The competition is stiff these days as every brand on the planet has figured out that social media needs to play a large role in their marketing efforts. 

As if the increased content generation wasn't enough of a challenge for a brand to get their message in front of their community, you now have social advertising further cluttering up user news feeds. 

A key to cutting through all this cutter is to know your Facebook audience, understand when they are most likely to be online and target your posts to ensure maximum exposure to your community. 

Of course, timing means nothing if your content isn't engaging, but that is a topic worthy of its own post. 

Below is an interesting infographic from LinchpinSEO that studies Facebook brand pages from a number of different industries and identifies the days of the week that each industry saw the greatest post engagement (likes/shares/comments). 

It is interesting that all but retail and technology see some of their strongest Facebook post engagement on weekends. One can assume that the reason for strong weekend engagement is similar to email: less competition. The concept is simple: there are fewer posts in news feeds on weekends, so users are more likely to see a brand's post. 

Of course, every social media community is different and optimal posting days will vary from brand to brand. The key is to track your community and use your analytics to find your own social media sweet spot. 

That said, clearly there is a benefit to posting on weekends for most brands. I have always been a fan of posting daily and focusing on my timing optimization on what time of day is most likely to get my posts seen. With so any scheduling tools (including Facebook's own native page tools) out there, brand marketers have no excuse for not capitalizing on weekend exposure. facebook infographic 
Calendar image credit: photosteve101

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